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We are Gwen van Zaane and Bibi Smink and share a background of fine arts. Our collaboration started directly after graduating from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Now, active as an artist and actress we still love to work our magic together.

Twelve years ago we wrote our first compliment and we still can’t stop. Both receiving and giving a compliment is the ultimate gift. We believe in the strong effect of a sincere and positive moment between people. We emphasize the beauty, power and individuality of each person, handwritten on a card never to be forgotten!  

“Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” Margaret Cousins

Over all these years we have surprised lots of people with personal and apt compliments. The Compliment Company has grown into a sparkling and passionate team of over 30 Compliment Girls and Boys with diverse backgrounds in arts, theatre, music, dance, literature, psychology and journalism. All devotedly writing these warm compliments.

The Compliment Girls and Boys wonderfully fit on many different occasions such as cultural events, fairs, congresses, drinks, network meetings, shop openings, weddings but also small (private) party’s. Anywhere in the world, as long as the writing may be in Dutch or English. 

We wish to see you at your event, we can’t wait to make it unforgettable! ♥