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♥ Planetree kick off

I HAD NOTHING BUT GOOD REACTIONS!!! It was a super party. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the Compliment girls. Some colleagues were really touched by their compliment. Even colleagues that are usually not shy at all turned a bit red and shy. Today (The first day after the party) my colleagues and I are using the left over cards to compliment each other. In a nutshell: The Compliment Girls were of great positive value to the party for which I am very grateful. The ladies (or girls as they call themselves) deserve a big compliment too, fabulous girls, easy on the eye and totally capable of giving compliments with a spot on content. Great!

Berti Wolfs, secretary management Libra Revalidation en Audiology

♥ Rabobank

On the night itself people just couldn’t get enough, that says everything I think. I am very pleased with the ladies! Shining personalities…

Danielle Steijn, Event Pitcher

♥ Birthdayparty

The Compliment Girls were just amazing! They did their best, worked hard, wrote for so many guests and…. not to mention.. they did it all with flair and charm! Table by table and corner by corner our guests were lucky to meet the Compliment Girls. It was beautiful to see people who initially were a bit sceptical, changed to humble. People were unanimously enthusiastic and thought the compliments really were in line with reality. These ladies sure know how to interpret a first impression. The party was a big succes and these cards are the memories of an unforgettable evening.
Jeanine Dijkhuis

♥ Eurovision Masquerade Ball of Undutchables

The party was a real succes! The ladies were brilliant and made so many people happy. Really fun and original. Hopefully we will see you next year!

Lindsay Ozero, Recruitment Consultant Undutchables

 ♥ SAP Partner Award Event

For our yearly event we hired two Compliment Girls. The compliments they made were just lovely. A real ego-boost, instant happiness! So… My compliments for the compliments.
D. Ascencion, SAP

♥ The FFP Congress
The day was very successful, also due to the Compliment Girls. I’ve talked to a few people and they were all very positive. I myself received a compliment as well just before they were leaving and I must say.. It does something special for you.. All in all a very successful event!
L. Lemmens - Projectmanager Oostdam & Partners BV

♥ Libelle 
It was totally super, again! Everybody really liked it and a few were deeply touched… It’s true: People should compliment each other more often!
Marleen Koolmees, Editorial Manager Libelle Magazine

♥ Aristo Christmas drinks
Within no time the Compliment Girls made all the faces smile - like magic. People proudly showed each other their compliments, they made the different departements mingle easily and made for a nice atmosphere. Result? A very cozy and successful Christmas gathering.
Helga Schoots, Marketing & Sales Manager Aristo Accommodaties

♥ Louwman Museum

The ladies were just perfect! The people loved it, we’ve had so many good reactions. I never came across them.. I’ll be happy to have them again.
J. Dubbelaar Event Manager

♥ Riviera Maison
Our VIP Night and Tea Party both were a big succes and everyone was enthusiastic about the Compliment Girls. Me too, I think what they do is so clever! They really made our clients super happy with their sweet compliments. It was personal, it was touching.. Good for warm feelings!

A. Zonjee